What is wet pour surfacing and what factors need to be considered?

Wet Pour Surfacing is a low maintenance, hassle free solution for children's playgrounds.

Playsafe Surface

Wet pour is an impact absorbing, soft safety surface that is commonly used for playground surfacing in schools, nurseries and local authority playgrounds. Wet pour surfacing, which is also alternatively referred to as 'Rubber Crumb' or 'Soft Tarmac' surfacing, requires the provision of a hard sub-base (foundation) prior to installing additional layers, one top and one base layer, as follows:

  • The 'topping layer' or 'wearing course' of wet pour is formed using Ethylene Propylene Diene Modified (EPDM) rubber crumbs, which are bonded together with a polyurethane binder; and,
  • The 'base layer' is made using bound Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) granules, which produce the necessary absorbing qualities of wet pour. This means that the soft play surface can be installed at various depths and according to Critical Fall Heights (CFHs).

Wet pour is installed onsite by a chemical mixing, wet pouring, levelling, screeding (i.e. a levelled layer of material, e.g. cement, applied to a floor or other surface) and rolling process. Dependant on usage, a wet pour surface can have life span up to 10 years. When installed onto a free-draining sub-base, wet pour is porous and is suitable for all-year-round use.

The depth of wet pour required is calculated using the concept of CFH for any fixed/permanent playground equipment, which is the height from which a surface will absorb the impact of a child's fall to reduce the risk of serious head injury. Further, the extent (or area) of the safety surfacing required for the playground equipment is a function of the height at which any potential fall can occur. Therefore, determining the area that requires soft surfacing differs for stationary equipment and swings.

Our company offers specialist advice and guidance on the CFH for any existing or planned playground equipment, and for determining the depths of wet pour and area sizes for playground equipment, so please feel free to contact us using any of the methods described in our Contact Details page.

Why use our company for wet pour surfacing?

Our wet pour impact absorbing surfacing is designed to offer maximum safety performance with high durability and cost effectiveness. We are one of the leading wet pour suppliers in the UK for all project types, playground, sports courts, splash parks, schools, local parks and more - we can help you with your wet pour surfacing needs.

We are a company who specialises in the provision and installation of conventional and be-spoke safety surfacing for playgrounds. We highly a reputable record for our excellent workmanship and for executing and delivering quality end-products, and are an extremely competitive company who are always striving for continuous improvement using, in particular, the latest technologies and innovations. We constantly work according to the specific needs of our clients and customers, and we offer an unparalleled customer service guarantee, which entails the underpinning ethos of 'no job is complete until the customer/client is 100% satisfied with the end-product'.

Installing a wet pour surface requires the use of highly specialised and competent persons and as such, Safe Play Surfacing ensures that their workforce are trained to the highest standards and site supervisors and managers have a minimum of five years' experience in the domain of wet pour surfacing. All our staff undergo annual competency assessments/appraisals and where competency deficiencies are identified, appropriate training needs are identified and included in a formalised training program.

Wet pour surface testing and accreditation

Our wet pour playground surfaces have been independently tested by the Centre for Sports Technology and accredited in accordance with:

  • BS EN 1177:2008, which recommends that safety surfacing is used underneath playground equipment, determination of Critical Fall Height (CFH) and gives guidance for area usage

When/where are wet pour surfaces used/installed?

Our company has installed wet pour surfacing in many different locations, premises and facilities. Although it was initially developed as an impact absorbing safety surface for children's playgrounds, wet pour surfaces are now being more commonly installed on facilities such as:

  • Splash pads
  • Outdoor fitness centres
  • Pathways
  • Seating areas
  • Domestic gardens
  • Multi-Use Game Areas

Further details on the different locations, premises and facilities where have installed wet pour surfaces are provided in our Case Studies.

Wet-Pour EPDM Colours

Not only does our wet pour provide safety, it is also visually pleasing - boosting enthusiasm and encouraging education. Along with custom blends and combinations, here's our basic wetpour play surfacing colour pallet.





Dark Blue

Earth Yellow







Customer Testimonials

We instructed Safeplay to install a new Red Wet-Pour Safety Surface at Drake Primary School. They delivered a quality product within budget on time. Very happy with the finished surface.

We placed an order with Safeplay to install over 1000sqm of Black wet pour safety surfacing at our new build school in Kent. The installation team were polite and efficient and fitted a quality surface within our time frame.

Another quality surface installed by Safeplay. They work with real energy and commitment.